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Shaun Bell Electrical - Thermal Imaging

In production plants, office facilities, hospitals or hotels, our survey instantly makes hot spots visible on a clear thermal image.

We can scan electrical cabinets and components and survey multiple wires and connections to get an instant picture of potential trouble, this has been a growing part of our business and we are very pleased that we now service some major factories and sites around Cumbria with excellent feedback, we can send you sample survey reports and even forward references for this 1st class service that we provide.

Detect the problem area and repair it before real problems occur.

Electrical targets include fuses, electrical panels, bolted connections and switchgear. While some mechanical targets include Pumps, process valves, motors, conveyor belts & storage tanks.

An infrared image including accurate temperature data provides the maintenance expert with important information about the condition of the inspected object.

Inspections are done with the production process in full operation. In many cases the use of a thermal imaging camera can help optimize the production process itself.